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creative nonfiction writer, editor, & instructor


Oh, hello!

My name is Lauren Krouse and I'm a creative nonfiction writer, editor, and instructor.

I have extensive experience in content writing, ghostwriting, scriptwriting, and editing for websites, magazines, books, and video. I love to write and learn about: politics and activism; weightlifting, fitness, and nutrition; travel and adventure; literature and education; psychology and motivation; and religion and philosophy. These days, I'm particularly interested in Zen Buddhism, biohacking, and the history of student resistance.

I grew up in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2013, I received my Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing from College of Charleston. A month of study in Italy triggered a travel addiction, so I worked overtime to get my degree in three years then flew to Poland to teach English in a small town called Lębork for a year. During that year, I milked goats on a farm in Czech Republic, weathered a blizzard in Romania, and saw much of Europe. I returned to the U.S. briefly, went back to Europe, then got picked up by UNC-Wilmington for the MFA in Creative Nonfiction program and flew on back. 

Currently, I'm an MFA candidate, instructor, and research assistant at UNC-Wilmington. I teach Introduction to Creative Writing and Introduction to Creative Nonfiction. In previous semesters, I've also taught Introduction to Fine Arts and Forms of Creative Writing. 

I've also... 

  • Worked in a Korean-Japanese restaurant for three years. 
  • Put together a community event for hundreds of people. 
  • Helped found a community organization, the Wilmington Progressive Coalition
  • Volunteered as a tutor and mentor for organizations like Communities in Schools and Bridge Refugee Services. 
  • Assistant-edited a literary magazine
  • Raised a sweet black lab named Forrest Gump.

My goals in life are simple: write, read, learn, connect, and travel. If working for you allows me to do that and you've got a project that excites us both, let's talk! 






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